Modify Visual Studio 2012 Dark/Light Shell Themes

UPDATE: 9/7/2012 - An "official" theme editor for VS2012 is now available in the VS extension gallery available here:
The remainder of this post is for archival purposes and is out-dated.

imageSo, Visual Studio 2012 is nice but I ran into some serious usability issues. I like the dark theme, but it was too dark. Something between light and dark would have been perfect.

In my current setup:

  • I turn down my monitor's contrast to the lowest setting.
  • I turn down my Nvidia driver contrast down to the lowest setting.

I spend a lot of time on the computer so it is important to  keep these settings where they are. I don't want fiddle with these nobs back and forth just to use Visual Studio.

After some research and play, I found where Visual Studio 2012 was storing and reading theme / color data. Specifically here:


Notice, there's a Data value in each sub-key category. This Data value is binary-byte packed with color values and color names. I wrote a small tool that that reads Data for each category and allows you to inject your own colors.



Visual Studio 2012 Theme Editor

Play it safe: Please backup your registry before using this. You can backup your current theme by using the green "Backup Theme to File" button.

Visual Studio 2012 Themes

Visual Studio 2012 Icon Patcher


  • Can I change the ALL CAPS menu?
       1. Close Visual Studio
       2. Launch regedit and navigate to
       3. Create a DWORD value named SuppressUppercaseConversion with value 1.
    That should suppress the upper casing on the FILE, EDIT, VIEW menu area in Visual Studio 2012.
  • Can I change the Visual Studio 2012 Icons?
    Yes, See the link above:
  • I changed a color, it doesn't work. What's wrong?
    Keep trying. There's hundreds of colors VS uses so it might take some time to find the color you're trying to modify. Most of Visual Studio's Shell colors are in the Environment category - take a look in there. Also, keep in mind, Visual Studio uses many colors, and sometimes colors get "brushed over" others.
  • How do I reset my theme?
    Click on the Reset Theme link in the main program to go back to stock colors.
  • There's a bug in your program. Can you fix it?
    Probably. I didn't spend much time creating a bulletproof UI. I just needed something quick to hack these color values. Since it's open-source, feel free to fork, download, fix, and push me a patch.

For me, some important colors that I needed to adjust:

  • Environment > CommandBarMenuBorder
  • Environment > CommandBarMenuBackgroundGradient(Start/End)
  • Environment > CommandBarMenuItemMouseOver


Hope that helps, happy coding! 
Brian Chavez

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