How to fill open shapes in Visio

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So, I was quite annoyed at Visio because I was lacking my Adobe Illustrator features, like filling in an open 2D shape.  Unfortunately, Visio doesn’t have enough UI to allow you to set the fill of an open shape, but Visio is certainly capable of filling open shapes (contrary to what KB articles say).  Here’s how to do it, let’s first start by first drawing a simple square with the Pencil Tool:

image image

I filled the square with a red fill, and gave it a heavy dotted outline.  Now, open the ShapeSheet window:

image      image

Then manipulate the Geometry1 render table values by multiplying them by *1 and *0 and you’ll get interesting results as shown below, here’s what it looks like with my Gemometry1 table modifed:

  image  image

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the LineTo points are just like a Cartesian coordinate XY graph.  Values are all relative to the origin which begins at the lower left of the object.  For example, Geometry1.X3, Geometry1.Y3, in the example above, are both Height*0 and Width*0, which is 0,0 origin. :sunglasses:  Have fun.  Hope that helps!

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