Remove Windows Service

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You can remove windows services by executing the following command:

C:\> sc delete [service name]

TIP:  If you don’t know the service name you’re trying to delete, you can find it by going to Start>Run>services.msc and locate the service name in the service’s property page.



Brian Chavez

Hi Saemus,

You should be careful what you delete, some windows services are core services in windows and could render your OS non-functional.

RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is used in conjunction with some networking services. For example, administering a computer remotely over a network via MMC or commandline is one area where RPC comes into play. Some local service might rely on RPC too, so I think it might have been a bad to delete RPC. If you find things not working, it may be a sign that RPC was needed.

But, if you’re computer is still working normally, and you don’t notice any difference, you might be OK. Just be careful next time! :)

Take care,

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