ScriptSharp and ‘not using an unsupported feature’

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Well, I was working on killing a bug in JavaScript and I needed Sys.Debug.trace() to help.  I used Script#, and the compiler yelped this error at me:

Check that your C# source compiles and that you are not using an unsupported feature.

Whoops.  Didn’t find much around and on good ole’ Google, so I didn’t have much of an option.  Turns out, I was using namespace-qualified types like so:

   Sys.Debug.Trace( "foo" );

Just change your code to:

   Debug.Trace( "foo" );

And the compiler should be happy again.

Script# is a great tool to add to your tool belt along with MS AJAX and jQuery.  The Script# suite isn’t exactly full-feature-tested compiler yet, but it’s getting there!  Thanks again Nikhil Kothari!

Hope that helps!

Brian Chavez



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