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RethinkDB Gems

3 minute read,

After idling in the RethinkDB freenode IRC chat, I think I’m going to start a collection of very good Q/A that I see:

Visual Studio 2013 Loading Splash Screen Slow

less than 1 minute read,

I recently experienced Visual Studio 2013 loading very slowly at the splash screen. It was noticeable since I’m on a very fast dev box and accustomed to VS 2...

Installing Freelan on Windows Server 2012

1 minute read,

So, I was trying out Windows Server 2012. I tried installing freelan ( as a service. If you know me, I’m a big fan of freelan, but for...

Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed

less than 1 minute read,

ALL my chrome browser windows just now closed…  I thought Google Chrome was immune to crashes…. apparently not.  Guess that “process isolation” feature stuff...

Fluent C Sharp Language Extension Helpers - Part 1

less than 1 minute read,

So, I found myself doing a lot of for( int i = 0; i < n; i++ ){} stuff lately.  So, I’ve decided to try something new. I’ve started a small collection of ...

CompiledTemplateBuilder and Event Catch-up

less than 1 minute read,

Federik Kalseth has a great easy-to-understand post on using template controls programmatically.  Serves as a great review of templated controls since I need...


1 minute read,

:sunglasses:During development, it’s nice to reset the database tables and load the database up to a known state for testing purposes without having to reloa...

BadImageFormatException Errors

1 minute read,

I’ve been playing with Lua Programming/Script Language and LuaInterface, because I have a need for embedding a scripting language in one of our projects.  Un...

Paying Estimated Taxes

4 minute read,

Estimated taxes are an unfortunate “pay-as-you-go” tax that every sole-proprietor, LLC, and corporation must pay.  The Federal IRS want you to pay estimated...

Vista’s Reliability

less than 1 minute read,

After using Vista x64 Business Edition for a couple of weeks, my reliability index is now at 4.36.  In Vista’s defense, I do have to say, the operating syste...

Remove Explorer Zip Handling in Vista

less than 1 minute read,

Ugh.  I’ve been using Vista for about a week now and it’s slowly annoying the heck out of me.  My cool regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll doesn’t work anymore.  But tha...

The Bit Armory Visual Studio Theme

less than 1 minute read,

I recently upgraded to Vista 64-bit, and got hooked on the eye candy.  So, I decided to pimp out my IDE with my company’s color theme. :)  Still working on s...

Invalid FORMATETC structure

1 minute read,

I recently ran into this problem with Visual Studio while trying to drag & drop a component onto a web page.

How to fill open shapes in Visio

less than 1 minute read,

So, I was quite annoyed at Visio because I was lacking my Adobe Illustrator features, like filling in an open 2D shape.  Unfortunately, Visio doesn’t have en...

Remove Windows Service

less than 1 minute read,

You can remove windows services by executing the following command:

NHibernate and Inverse=True False Attribute

5 minute read,

In order to truly understand the inverse attribute in NHibernate, you need to first look at your relationship from the database table point of view and how y...

Svn Post-Commit Troubleshooting

1 minute read,

We use Subversion (cygwin svnservice flavor).  I recently updated our source code repository server here at Bit Armory.  One thing is for sure, Cygwin update...

The Strategy Design Pattern

3 minute read,

Today, I’m going to write about the strategy design pattern and give some examples on where it should be used and why it’s useful. I’m really sleepy, only ha...

Design Toolbox

1 minute read,

Here’s a quick summary of Design Guidelines for your Design Toolbox.