NAnt Addin for Visual Studio (VS) 2008

image I've finally committed and upgraded VS 2008.  Fortunately, everything has gone pretty smooth.  Third party tooling support for VS 2008 is now reasonable, ReSharper, Code Rush, all now are supporting 2008.  But one of my favorite helper tools is NAntAddin developed by Netlogics Software.  It's quick and easy to execute specific NAnt tasks in the window.  Unfortunately, it doesn't support 2008 out of the box.

However, after playing around with the AddIn file, I was able to get NAntAddin working with VS 2008.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Unzip and copy the addin files and folder to:

    On Vista:
    \Users\%UserName%\Visual Studio 2008\Addins

    On XP:
    \My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Addins

    Note: If you don't see an "Addins" folder in, then create one under "Visual Studio 2008".
  3. Next, open the NAntAddin.Addin file with your favorite text editor, and edit the <version> value to 9.0 as shown below:


Now start Visual Studio 2008, and you should have NAntAddin up and running!

Your final directory structure should look like the following:



Happy coding!

Brian Chavez

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