WMI Provider Error - Access Denied - TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x5

imageI got an interesting error while trying to change the log on service account for SQL server.  I got a "WMI Provider Error" and a bunch of errors in the Windows Event Log.

Simple solution:


The problem is simply, a Named Pipe issue.  Restarting re-creates the Named Pipe under the correct log on account.





If the restart fails, and you're still having problems connecting to SQL Server Remotely, try the following:

  • Set the log on account permissions on:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

    for the log on account.  You'll need to set "Full Control" permissions and make sure that you re-apply the rule to all children by clicking on the directory properties>Security>Advanced>Permissions>"Replace permission entries on all child objects..."

Hope that helps.

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