Vista Explorer Annoyances and Enhancements

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You might think this is a post about add-ons to Vista’s Windows Explorer, but actually, it’s a post about how to remove features in Vista’s Explorer to make it actually usable and tolerable to work with.

Enhancement #1

Vista Explorer has the most annoying ability to “sniff folders” and try and guess what the file types are in your folder.  If .png, .jpg, or other image related file types exist in your folder, Explorer will switch to a “thumbnail/Large Icon” view, even though you’ve explicitly set a view to “apply to all” folders.  Here’s how to get rid of the annoying behavior.

Enhancement #2

Vista Explorer forgets size & location.  Make Vista Explorer remember the size of the explorer window. 

Enhancement #3

Segoe UI is the most annoying font in the world.  Change it here:

Seriously, the Windows Shell Team did a terrible job with Vista and they all need a few basic lessons on usability…


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